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The Mars Project


Launching #DreamBig's Mars Project. Join the open source project to envision a new age knowledge infrastructure.


When the first batch of humans arrive on Mars, they will be a hand picked group that achieve the IQ, skill set and physical health endurance qualifiers. This select group may most likely have a super-set of skills or best-fit skills. However, they will still need access to a knowledge base that will help them develop the planet for human settlement. It will be like kindling a fire from a scratch. How will they achieve this?


In this 21st century, we on Earth, take some basic building blocks for granted. We don't stop to contemplate, the origins of structure, stability and raw material, much less, remember the origin of fire, the first domestic animal, the first farmed crop or evolution of shelter.


Now, think for a moment that you have this opportunity to start at ground zero, in an alien land. What would you relocate with you?


Earth technology, ability to produce nutrition, protective wearables and others on the list. What about education and the associated systems, we currently have?


Is it the knowledge base, that is worth saving? If so, what is the knowledge base? Can this knowledge base be aggregated in one single location? Is the internet the knowledge base for Earth? Or is it the archive at the Library of Congress or the British Library? Is the education dissemination infrastructure and processes of our schools, universities or enterprises, on the purge list or the keep list?


By pursuing this project for Mars, we are attempting to take a fresh look at Earth's own knowledge infrastructure.


Join the open source #DreamBigMarsProject - "Education on Mars" on Github.

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