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Mentoring Educators  

Knowledge dissemination is a virtuous cycle. Educators should be the domain subject matter experts(SMEs) to create tommorrow's SMEs.

Mentoring trainers in Science & Technology.  Contact us for more information.



DREAM BIG Hosted Talks 

A series of talks by innovators and futurists, targeting student audiences. Inspring talks by Google Science Fair winners, National Spelling Bee winners, Researchers from Harvard Law, Harvard Medical, MIT Media Labs, Stanford to name a few. Contact us to host the talks at your venue, for the benefit of your community.


It is all about the ideas. They are the spark that can fire up a BLAZE. If you have ideas worth sharing, apply here, to talk at our annualy hosted "DREAM BIG" Conference for a spot on our "DREAM BIG Ideas" stage. Drop us a few lines on your topic and point us to a youtube video of yourself pitching or demoing the idea. K12, Undergrads, Grads, Adults, Veterans, Seniors, all are welcome. Bring your best education ideas forward.

EdIoT Consulting

Working as a team to make Education moonshot projects a reality.  Our talented, skilled and versatile team is available to consult on your Ed Technology needs and projects. Public & private schools, MOOCs, government institutions can all leverage #DreamBig team's skill set in the various domains ranging from IT, Telecom, Software development methodologies, Computer Networks, Software Engineering, Virtualization, Cloud services, Analytics & Technology Marketing


DREAM BIG Innovation Lab

A team of teams - schools, institiutions, universities. Start a DreamBig Chapter and allow your students to build #DreamBig EdIoT projects for class credit hours, Let students bring Proof Of Concepts to life to benefit their educational environments. Apply here to join the lab and start a chapter.


A connector EdIoT conference, to bring various entities, involved in the pursuit of upgrading our education systems, to discuss the implementation of EdIoT. Inspiring attendees with moonshot talks by some of the leading minds in the field of Education. See more information at Conference Details








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