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Amplifying Innovation in Education

DreamBig EdIoT  - Connected Ed


#DreamBig understands access to information is vital to innovation. 

There are myriads of ventures, institutions & individuals buzzing,  just as we write this, working on applications, tools, technologies and IDEAS for the education field.


We want to bring all of these to a confluence and provide a platform for the world's thinkers, ideators, innovators and most importantly the appliers, those that want to put these ideas & technologies into action, and not just re-invent  Education - Systems, Subject Matter, Skill sets, Processes and all, but gather data on its impact and effectiveness.


IoT(Internet of Things)  is a network of electronics or sensors, software and hardware systems that can exchange data. Aggregated data can be used to derive individual or collective insight, indicating progress or the lack thereof.  The focus of EdIoT and all the various places it can be applied in the field of Education is to create "Connected Ed".


Come, gain access to a trove of information and talk to the experts in IoT, It will make you "Dream Big"!

Calling companies to make monetary and in-kind donations of tools, devices and platforms.

Help students improve their educational environments with EdIoT and provide assistance towards allowing them to build their own solutions for their campuses.

If your credit hours require projects, then you need to pick an exciting project that will not only get you a good grade but one that also has social and commercial relevance. The best way to do this, is to address your own educational environment and build projects with EdIoT ; Start a #DreamBig student chapter today on your campus and get access to our database of usecases and access to tools and software needed to build the projects. Build something worthwhile and benefit your Universities by acting now; Join Us!

#DreamBig is a non profit research & development consortium that is dedicated to creating innovative ideas, which significantly impact the future of education and related systems.

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