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#DreamBig is a non profit organization comprising of a group of passionate ideators and doers. Our lives revolve around all things technology. 


We are all products of several global education systems - US, India, Singapore, Finland to name a few.


Our team members are experienced professionals in domains ranging from IT, Telecom, Computer Science education, Analytics, Software development, Technology Marketing, Cloud services & Virtualization.


Each one of the #DreamBig team members has a personal vested interest in education, either pursuing education for themselves or for their employees, employers, children, nieces, nephews, spouses, friends and senior parents.

#DreamBig hopes to support all our initiatives at a global level.


#DreamBig's mission is to be able to bring moonshot ideas, technologies and tools to the field of education. 


Think of us as the accelerator for technology deployment. We are passionate about providing our expertise, where "daunting", "not possible", "not enough time" are the phrases, that are often used, to avoid introducing technology into environments, that will ultimately benefit students and the community at large.


Check out our current projects here. To obtain #DreamBig's YOY focus charter, please email us at

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